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DASH is a progressive electro-soul duo, consisting of bassist and vocalist Kayti Korte, along with multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer, Ben Morris.  The pair focuses on vocal-centric, dynamic songwriting, with the sound to back it up. Combining elements of electronic dance music with traditional soul and rock, DASH fuses electronic percussion and synthesizer with live guitar, bass, keyboard, and their signature vocal harmonies—a full sound more engaging than what you think of when you hear ‘duo’. Don’t let it fool you, these two will have you “out on the dance floor, rocking out to the unknown” (For the Love of Bands).  

DASH began in February 2018, after lead members Kayti Korte and Ben Morris began writing songs together. The vocal powerhouse duo aimed for a full band sound rooted in rock 'n roll, soul, and funk. The band played their first show in March 2018, and released their debut single, 'Apathy', in May 2018, followed by their debut album, 'SUPER', in October 2018. 'SUPER' is the sound of that first, fiery rock band. Upon releasing their debut album, DASH hit the road. In their first year they were named "Best New Local Band" and had the #2 "Best New Album" by the Bozeman Magazine.  


On January 1st, 2019, DASH lost their drummer, immediately after replacing their bass player. Not being able to find a replacement two weeks out from a tour, they were pushed to find alternatives to keep moving. An entire tour with MIDI drums spurred their EP 'Desperate Electric into existence. After losing their second bass player, the pair took to the studio themselves, recording everything themselves, and co-producing the EP with local producer Patch William.


After touring all spring, DASH transitioned to full time touring in June 2019 in their current form; progressive electro-soul, foreshadowed by their EP 'Desperate Electric'. DASH is bringing their unique style to a city near you. 



Genre: Electro Soul Rock

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Lable: Independent

Sounds Like: Hippo Campus, Lawrence, Captain & Tennille

Influences: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Frank  Sinatra, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller, Whitney Houston

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" 'Desperate Electric' is a beautifully compelling and addictive song, from a duo with an undeniable talent and love for the art form. "

--Buzz Music LA

"Soul Pop clearly defines new band “DASH” out of Bozeman, Montana. The vocals are raw but the sound is an easy fit for pop radio. Their rhythmic funk style will have you on the dance floor and rocking out to the unknown."

--For the Love of Bands 

DASH is definitely a party band, and “Super” is most definitely a party record. The songs provide a perfect soundtrack to fun times with friends. However, their often in-depth lyrical topics allow the listener to dive deeper if they so choose, frequently examining interpersonal relationships and the changing pace of life. This duality serves them well; they are able to create multi-purpose music for a varied audience, an important step in not stunting one’s artistic growth.

--Indie Music Plus


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